Turn-key Québec Blogger campaigns

  • Matchmaking for brands and Québec bloggers to maximize ROI

    We execute turn-key Québec blogger campaign for

    • Events 
    • Product launch
    • Supporting advertising campaign

  • Key to our success

    We build blogger campaigns that will ensure you activate blog influence in ways that are meaningful and measurable for your brand on the Québec market. Every campaign has 2 elements: blog posts and their promotion on Québec top news outlets.

    Our Recipe


    GO BLOG Network reaches Québec grass roots

    We have assembled a network of blogs to work as platforms for the voices of our network.

    Our network manages and helps regular folks express their ideas and get their voice heard for your campaign, achieving an unparalleled level of authenticity, freshness, and diversity of angles.


  • Measurable Results

    We deliver full ROI reports after all campaigns. We make sure to deliver enough impression and readers to all the blog posts to create traction on the Québec market. With 10 blog posts, you reach over 1 000 000 in impressions. Yes ... you can get your cake and eat it too.

  • GO BLOG Founder


    Isabelle has a deep rooted sense of discipline, dedication, and unwavering belief that talent takes work. No wonder she was a professional athlete in another life. Today she heads Go Blog, the blogger agency she founded to help original voices bring a human angle to brands.

  • A B C of Québec Blogger Influence

    «Lasting and substantive change can be best effected by a group of people connected to each other, to a leader, and to an idea.» (Seth Godin)

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    Bloggers offer authentic word of mouth recommendations for brands that money simply can’t buy. The influence of blogs over purchasing decisions and brand trust, tapping into leading authorities for your target market is an exciting and powerful way to promote your business.

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    We know it’s important that you work with bloggers who are professional, influential and authentic — simply put, bloggers you can trust. Our network sources outstanding Québec bloggers that cover lifestyle and leisure products and activities, who are serious about how they partner with corporate businesses.

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    Our approach is simple. We help you run a program that delivers a “win” for everyone so that bloggable, shareable, fun content about your news is shared across a critical mass of Québec blogs and multiplied by strong promotion on prime Québec digital news outlets.

  • Our Core blog platforms

    The nexus of our network is formed by 11 professional blog platforms where over 100 bloggers share their stories and passions.

  • Trusted partners

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  • Ask about our flexible plans

    Custom request are welcomed. Drop us a line.